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"This is one of the very few complete indie rpgs that achieve any kind of "epic" experience, and deserves attention for that alone."
- Rainer Deyke

"The game's plot, atmosphere, characters and art are all so brilliant and unique."
- darkpagan

"... Just the demo alone ranks #2 in my top 3 RPGs of all time, no lie! Excellent work you guys!"
- zenogais

"With its story and characters, Diver Down stands above all other indie RPGs I've played. ... One of the best to come out of the indie RPG scene, ever."
- Jonas Kyratzes

"Its greatest merit is by far the storyline, which I would say without hesitation is the best, and most original, that I have yet seen in any RPG, let alone a free one!"
- CaptainD


"I just wanted to say the demo is awesome. It pulled me in right from the opening thoughts. The 'air' of the game is quite poignant. . . . Excellent job on the game thus far and I hope to see more. Thanks for sharing it."
- MrPectate

"Diver Down is now, in my eyes, the standard that all Verge games should look up to. The original demo had an awesome storyline and everything, but it was lacking in other departments. Now, it seems you've managed to pull together a skilled and talented team, and turned Diver Down from the skeleton it was into the masterpiece it was truly meant to be."
- SylverKnight

"Metro has really done great work with it I see, and your game looks great! ... It's all very unique looking and interesting."
- Ratgash

"I just want to tell you I liked the game, ALOT. ... Your choice of music is great. I hope to see more stuff about Diver Down."
- mintman

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- locrian mason drekker - frog32

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